Church and State

Bible Treasures

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1st Methodist Lake Charles            Sunday 8 AM
with Weldon Bares


Westlake 1st Baptist                         Sunday Noon

Pastor Wayne McIntyre


Victory Baptist Church                     Sunday 1 PM
with Pastor Wayne Dartez

East Ridge Baptist Church               Sunday 2 PM
with Alan Weishample                     Wednesday  8 PM  

Friendship Baptist Church                Sunday 3 PM
with Dale Nazworth                         Monday 10 AM


Westside Baptist Church                   Monday 8 PM


Heritage Baptist Church                    Tuesday 10 AM

Pastor Shane Kastler

Parkview Baptist Church                  Tue 10:00 AM,  8:00 PM

with Randall Chesson

Lake City Baptist Church                  Wed 10:00 AM
with Pastor Ronnie Estes       


Candlestick Baptist Church-Kinder    Wednesday 9:00 PM
with Larry Gandy       


Emmanuel Baptist Church                 Thursday 10AM, 
                                                         Sunday 4 PM


Sulphur First Baptist Church                  Sunday 5 PM
                                                             Thursday 8 PM

Calvary Baptist Church, Sulphur        Friday 10:00 PM

with W T Darnell

Through the Bible Daily Reading Program  Everyday 7:00 am, 7:00 pm

with Barry McCall


The Packing Up Show                           Thursday 2-4 PM
with Elsye Mae Sonnier                          Friday 2-4 PM


Homeward Bound                                  Monday - Wednesday
with Charles Manuel                                2 -4 PM


Bible Trreasures
with Dr. Mark LaFortune                         Tue 5 PM


Liberty Bell
with Dr. Mark LaFortune                         Tue 6 PM

Church and State with Nathan Curtis         Monday - Friday 8AM - -                                                                10AM





                  Other Programs

Unshackled                                         Weekdays 6:00 pm    


Hear O Israel                                        Saturday 8:30 PM
                                                             Sunday 6 PM

A Call to the Heart                               Monday 11:00 pm
with Lee Shipp (Baton Rouge)

Every Last Word                                  Sunday 10:00 am

The Sower (Michael Guido)                Weekdays Noon and Midnight

GospelFest with Shawn Degenhart        Thu 11:00 am

                                                             Saturday 6:00 pm


Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio          Fri 11:00am 
                                                            Saturday 10:00 am


Jonathan Park                                       Sat 8:30 AM


A visit with Mrs. G                                Sat 9:00 AM


Karen and Kids                                     Sat 9:20 AM






Saturday Mornings at 10
Friday Mornings at 11

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