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Coverage Area of KELB-LP Radio

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Coverage Area of KEBL-LP Radio


 Call us for Tuning Tips

If you are having trouble receiving KELB/KEBL you may get better results by using an outdoor antenna. A TV antenna will also work for FM radio.

.When pointing a directional antenna, remember that the narrow end should be aimed at the Gauthier and Nelson road intersection in south Lake Charles, or the Parish Road and Picard Road intersection in Sulphur.

Some radios like alarm clocks use the power cord as an antenna.  Make sure the cord is fully extended.  

Reception problems can sometimes be solved by moving your radio to a different location. Only a few inches can often make a big difference.  If you can place your radio close to a window, this may help.

If you are trying to pick us up on your car radio, the "Scan" or Seek" button will not always stop on our signal.  It is best to manually tune your radio to 100.5 or 105.5.


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